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Roadmap to Brenntag in Mouscron

Our Mouscron plant & offices are located at :

Boulevard du Textile 2, B-7700 MOUSCRON

To get there, follow highway E17 GENT-KORTRIJK-LILLE (F), southbound coming from Belgium, northbound coming from France.

Take Exit 1, about 7 Km south of Kortrijk (about 50 Km south of Gent), or about 20 Km north of Lille (F).
Exiting the Exit 1, follow this 2x2-lane road eastbound to Mouscron.
After about 3.5 Km the road will go into a tunnel.
Just after the tunnel, take a left at the first lights.
After about 500 m, cross the roundabout to the opposing road.
After about 500 m, on the left -- just after the red mailbox -- take the first road. This is the Boulevard du Textile.

Route to Mouscron

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