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Brenntag's Responsible Care


Responsible Care

The Responsible Care Philosophy underwrites the principle of ecologically responsible development, as inalienable part of every activity of a business.
This philosophy aims to secure clean air, unpolluted water and unspoiled natural riches for this and future generations.
The challenge is to realise further economic and social development with full respect of the stated ecological aims.
Therefore, Brenntag in Belgium firmly subscribes to Responsible Care and the Responsible Care Covenant of the Belgian Chamber of Wholesalers of Chemical Products.


Declaration of Policy

Brenntag in Belgium, as underwriter of the Responsible Care Covenant, is committed to achieve the highest possible degree of protection of the health and safety of its employees, its customers and the public, and safekeeping of our environment.
Our policies are in accordance with the legal norms and aim to minimise the risks with regard to health, safety and environment.


Leading Principles

Brenntag in Belgium, as underwriter of the Responsible Care Covenant, declares that our distribution activities will incorporate the prevailing norms of quality, safety and environment and aim to improve upon them continuously. We pledge to manage our business according to these principles.

  1. To recognise and respond to community concerns about the handling and transportation of chemicals.
  2. To make health, safety, and environmental considerations a priority in our operational activities at existing and new facilities.
  3. To inform emergency response officials, employees and the public of the chemical-related health and environmental hazards and of the protective measures according to general knowledge or manufacturer's recommendations.
  4. To inform customers upon their request about the handling, use, transportation and disposal of chemical products in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations and according to principles and techniques of controlled product handling.
  5. To operate our facilities in a manner that respects the health and safety of our employees and the public.
  6. To be prepared to constructively co-operate in resolving problems related to the handling and disposal of chemicals.
  7. To co-operate with government and others in creating laws, regulations and directives to secure safety and to respect the environment.
  8. To promote the philosophy and principles of Responsible Care by exchanging experiences and giving assistance to others who produce, transport, trade or dispose of chemicals.


Operational Guidelines

Brenntag in Belgium, furthermore, follows the translation by The Responsible Care Covenant of the stated leading principles into operational directives for

  • Controlling the risks associated with our distribution activities
  • Translating the principles into internal guidelines and procedures
  • Distributing product information
  • Storing and handling our products
  • Transporting our products
  • Dealing with our subcontractors
  • Implementing legal norms
  • Educating and Training our employees
  • Defining our internal and external emergency procedures
  • Preventing and analysing accidents
  • Communicating with people outside our company

Our commitment to this Code of Conduct is confirmed by the signing by the managing directors of the Brenntag affiliates in Belgium of the Responsible Care Covenant of the Belgian Chamber of Wholesalers of Chemical Products.